UK government in crisis as thousands of illegal migrants enter the UK

Whatever you may think of Nigel Farage he has got the ball rolling with his reporting of hundreds of illegal migrants jumping of boats and on to mainland UK.

Lets look at this with simplicity, an illegal migrant is someone who has no rights whatsoever to be in this country.

The illegal individual mostly young lads find a way from France to escape police who are supposed to be keeping them from crossing the channel, it is believed despite the fact we give the French government lots of money to do this are actually pushing them into UK waters and then they let them go.

Many find around the patrols and still end up on our shores and causes big problems for local communities and for authorities, we are aware in just one day over 200 people crossed the channel this included 80 children.

Many who make it to the UK end up claiming asylum then are escorted on coaches and sent to 4 star hotels! they are treated the same way as what any hotel treats people, the now asylum seeker gets paid £40 by the government and could be in this country for over a year!

It costs you the tax payer millions of pounds a year to keep these people before booting them out, why not boot them out in the first place!

They have to do things the legal way to stand any chance of making a life for themselves in the UK, no one has any objections to this more so if they are willing to make a contribution to our country.

It is understood that some of these people are running from a bad time of things in their own country, no one can argue that they deserve better than that and to be kept safe, however they have to do the right things to get the help they need.

Due to Farage’s reports the government has since liften an eye lid on the situation although expect it only to be a delay before the problem starts again.

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