Huge black fence has been approved to protect Partington Community Centre

Partington Community Cemtre: Google

A fence that we revealed in a recent article is to go up around Partington Community Centre has been approved by Trafford Council.

The black meshed fencing will be 2.4m higher than the existing fence and 3m high around the stare case at the front on Central Road.

We are not sure why Partington Parish Council wanted to hide itself, however as it is a community centre we feel residents should have been consulted on what they wanted.

Although only a fence the black colour will no doubt be disliked by many people, no one though will have any issues with increasing security however what is to secure that caused this in the first place? maybe the 10 internet tablets and the huge sound system they bought with your money! maybe they have more plans in the pipeline to spend more of your hard earned cash without you having any say.

The good people of Partington deserve a say in whatever happens in the community, more so when the Parish Council is involved, after all without the residents the Parish Council will fade away.

It is not known when the new fencing is to be built, although we think as One Trafford are installing the fencing it will be likely sometime this year or early 2021.

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