Volunteers clean up around 700KG of rubbish fly-tipped in Old Trafford

The Old Trafford clean up group

A group of volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God carried out the 6391st World Wide Clean-up Campaign in Old Trafford Area, Manchester on 30th of August 2020 and around 30 volunteers participated in the activity.

Some people have said that we are living in a more individualistic society, with people becoming more selfish, only thinking about themselves. Littering and fly-tipping has been an ongoing issue that affects many communities not only in Greater Manchester but throughout the UK, and Trafford is no exception.

The volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God, regularly take part in various voluntary activities to tackle this problem by helping out and taking care of others in the community as well as encouraging others to do the same.

After receiving the Queen’s Award in 2016, they have continued to work hard, and in 2020 despite the difficulties faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, the volunteers have been pressing on to carry out various initiatives one of which is the Worldwide Clean-up Campaign.

The volunteers managed to collect around 60 bags of rubbish as well as larger items such as a fridge, mattress, ironing board, and other items adding up to about 700 kg of rubbish in total.

This amazing effort by all the volunteers helped create a nice vibe, doing something for the community gave them all a good feeling and many smiles. A shop owner nearby expressed his heartfelt thanks to the volunteers who had swept the shop front clean, and many passers-by complimented them by honking their horns and shouting encouraging messages.

One of the volunteers, Michael King, commented,

“People are still littering so much on the roads and elsewhere: when we look around there is so much rubbish. But today I feel really good after cleaning up part of Old Trafford and I hope it inspires many people to participate in this type of activity so we can keep our environment clean which will benefit everyone.”

And another volunteer, Joseph Adams commented:

“Many of the volunteers here are young adults or have families but they come out to help whenever they can. We appreciate the hard work the councils are doing, but it is not just their job. We are one community. So, if more people join and we all do our bit, and if all of us work together we can make our community better so everyone can enjoy it. That would be really good.”

The volunteers from the Church of God will continue their voluntary initiatives to support the community.

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