Police respond after a number of anti social behaviour incidents in Davyhulme Park

Davyhulme Park: Google

Police have responded after getting calls about a number of anti social behaviour incidents in Davyhulme Park this weekend.

Reports came in of several youths with knives, when police turned up they saw a huge gang all on bikes, police found it hard to control the group who were then seen giving hand gestures to them, one of which did a gun gesture.

The youths were all around 14-years-old according to police.

A report of criminal damage on a bowling pitch has also been made.

Police have also questioned the parents saying “**Parents.. I think it’s time to have some conversations with you kids about respect. Since Lock down Anti-Social Behaviour has increased in all of the parks in the Urmston & Flixton area and several reports of drug dealing etc.”

In another park in Flixton police discovered a high level of litter where youths have been hanging out which is unacceptable.

Police gave a warning to anyone causing anti social behaviour in any parks around Urmston they said: “If there is a continuation of this behaviour tonight and moving forward then please don’t be surprised if you get a knock at your door from us or a phone call from police custody. The response tonight will be robust.”

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