Thousands of people attend the Unite for freedom rally in London

David Icke in London

Today 29 Aug 2020 was the day when thousands of people marched into London for the Unite for freedom rally.

Many from Manchester attended the event to show the world that they were not being fooled anymore by a corrupt government who has mislead everyone about Coronavirus or Covid-19.

Well known speakers gave the masses lots to chant and cheer about including David Icke.

Narrowing it down lets look at the facts not the fiction in simple form, all of the following information is taken from official sources including government and government officials and professors:

On 19 March 2020 Covid-19 was no longer on the HCID list https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid

Then face masks, so much confusion, even on packets it says ‘not for personal use’ face masks are dangerous if worn for too long and should not be worn outside or in a car.

We have read in many mainstream media publications professors in science saying that lockdown was just out of panic and was no worse than seasonal flu you can read just one of these publications here https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1326293/coronavirus-death-rate-UK-fatality-rate

One professor twice on live television said “Coronavirus is for the majority of people a slight cold, some will get mild flu like symptoms and fever and only a small amount of people will need to be seen in hospital,” we thought that was significant yet ignored.

We had suspicions about the statistics from the start, and was proven right when a mainstream media outlet brought it to the attention of Matt Hancock where it was found when someone had tested positive a score of 2 was given one for the nose and one for the mouth, all along then the government was causing needless panic and telling lies to the public.

David Icke speaking at the event in Londo by Ruptly

No excuses can be made for the statistical errors, we also had suspicions that the government was labelling everyone who died as having died from Covid-19, this again was put to Matt Hancock and has now reduced the amount who had died, they did this on the quiet side! we also think the 5000 reduction was nowhere near the real figure!

During the proper lockdown the country saw nurses dancing in hallways, in rooms even doctors joining in, yet at that time we were supposed to be in a crisis, the country clapped the NHS as a thank you for not telling the truth! they knew what was going on, however it was the government who had told them to keep quiet, people clapped them for the great service they provide on a daily basis and they do deserve that.

NHS workers though came good in the end, one of those was a medic from Nottingham who told a different story to what the government had been saying, a woman from Care UK has come out and said on social media from her car that she believed their was no Covid-19 and she had nothing to do during the lockdown.

Similarly remember the Nightingale hospitals? they were never used!

Because of the lockdown many people could not get access to a GP, or did not want to go into a doctors surgery, things had changed, Washway Medical Centre in Sale was one of them, instructed to put hand sanitiser on even though you may have already had some on, the reception area was sealed off and you were told to go online if you needed to see a doctor.

Let us be clear about this, how many older people do you know who cannot use a computer? many right? the good majority of these people may not have any support network, most live alone and rely on getting out in the community and talking to people at the shops or library, they could go to see the GP when they needed to.

How were they to cope? how did they cope? this was an attack on the elderly without a doubt, even now we believe the government are asking care home managers to take unwell elderly people with a huge cash incentive.

It seems the Mayor of Manchester wants us all locked down, even the leaders do! on Friday morning Trafford was due to come out of a supposed lockdown and because they had complained the infection rate suddenly went up! how convenient!

We have read and watched videos about no second lockdown is needed, then a few days later this is all they are talking about, it seems to us they holding on for as long as they can so we can all have this vaccine, one that no one should take since Covid-19 if their was such a thing will be all but gone by then.

The flu bug will always be around, so will the common cold, no vaccine is needed for either, the choice though is with you if you wish to have the vaccine, however will this mad crazy US loving Tory government make it mandatory? this is the concern.

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