Protests: Organisers and speakers arrested and fined

Protests no matter what they are about so long as they are done the right way should be no problem for police, just recently we have seen organisers and speakers being arrested and fined.

Video footage from Twitter all rights to the owner of this video

We are not fully sure why this is, it seems the UK government wants complete control over the population, not happy enough at telling statistical lies to the country about a virus that may or may not have existed.

Locking down the country when they did not need to, ruining the economy, using mainstream media to spread fear and more frustratingly for us is our council (Trafford) talking utter nonsense which helped scare a lot of people in the process.

Now they don’t want you to have a say anymore! using the police as puppets to arrest organisers and fine them for putting on something that would not only help people feel that free speech is still alive and well, also to get rid of the anger and frustration of the last few months that has built up in everyone, to release this is good for the mind.

In many cases Police do a great job of attending big events, and the majority just want it to end and everyone goes home happy.

The public will though only stand so much, we hope police continue in the right way and should not be arresting organisers or even those that speak at these events unless they have done something after it to warrant this action, protests that have been organised must do so in the appropriate way, if all is cleared then officers should only be present to make sure everyone is safe and on hand if anything stupid happens.

We also think its a bit weird how Extinction Rebellion can have protests (although they have the right to do so) who shut down roads and do what it likes with no action taken, it is a good point other protesters are saying right now and adds to the uneasy feeling of looming riots.

People should continue to hold protests and for everyone to enjoy them in the right way, to respect officers and to go home happy, people can only do this though when police are behaving in the right way, some sadly do not and this is where things go wrong.

We have all seen the brutality of the Australian police force, they are going well beyond what they are in that uniform for, we have all seen the brutal way the US police force are treating people, let’s hope our police are not feeling jealous about that and that they remain calm and professional.

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