Urmston residents urged to object a 5G mast near a Royal Mail sorting office

Location of the 5G mast Higher Road Urmston: Google

Urmston residents are being urged to object to a planned 20 metre 5G mast on Higher Road Adjacent the Royal Mail sorting office.

A number of other locations was looked at by Telefonica (O2) however the only site they could plant this monster sized tower was next to the Royal Mail

Three Trafford Labour councillors have been contacted by O2 on 31/07/20 and have not responded.

We are incredibly concerned at where this mast is to be placed opposite a children’s after school club, they will be entirely exposed to the high frequencies whilst they are at Cheeky Cherubs.

The mast will also look out of character with the area and will be seen for some distance, a mast further on is also due to be changed from 4G into a 5G mast although for some reason work has been delayed for sometime, this work has already been approved.

5G is not needed in society although we agree that having faster internet speeds on your mobile is a good thing, the side effects are nasty and heavily outweigh any benefits it brings.

We also want political councillors to read ICNIRP 2020 guidelines instead of the confusing and very long older guidelines that for some unknown reason mobile networks offer as part of an application.

You can object to this and other masts even if the mast is not in your location by clicking here https://www.trafford.gov.uk/planning/planning-applications/comment-on-an-application.aspx

Use 101672/TEL/20 in Trafford Council planning search.

Please also consider joining the Facebook group ‘Trafford Residents against 5G’ where lots of information is given and the latest updates on mobile phone mast installations in Trafford.


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