A new 197 bed hotel in Stretford could be built soon after getting officer recommendations to grant the application

The mega sized 9-storey 197 bed hotel that could be built next to Circle Court flats in Stretford has already got officer recommendation, the full application is to be looked at proper this Thursday.

Trafford planning will look at the application and decide proper, it is likely though with the officers recommendations to grant this hotel that is will be given the thumbs up by councillors.

Residents on Circle Court though are unhappy about the proposed hotel and have objected to it.

The hotel will be shorter than Circle Court flats by some distance although will be higher than anything else in the area.

For the application to be approved proper it needs the support of Environment Agency and GMP, and of course Highways England and all have offered no objections, only one hurdle is in the way and that is Peel who are saying the developer could have put this hotel somewhere better and has asked for a review.

Although peel are somewhat unhappy we think with the overwhelming vote of confidence in this hotel and the officers recommendations to grant the application that it will be approved.

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