A 5G mast

We are celebrating tonight as Trafford Council stops a 5G mast from going up on Davyhulme Road in Stretford.

Only a handful of people objected and no councillors objected which was disappointing however Trafford decided to refuse the application because of where it was to be installed and the size of the mast.

Visually we agree it would have looked out of place with all the houses around it, the application did not comply with policy L7 of the Trafford core strategy.

This means the mast at Stamford Brook Road will now surely be refused by the council not only because of the amazing effort by local people and the help of Trafford Labour Broadheath councillors and the MP Graham Brady but because it is in the wrong place and will block the pavement.

Well done to all those that did object to this mast, and we hope everyone will get behind all the other masts that are at application stage, even if you do not live in the area a mast is to be installed, you can still object.

DO not stop objecting!