Virgin Atlantic says goodbye: Airliners Live

Aviation fans waved goodbye to the last ever Virgin Atlantic 747-4 today at Manchester Airport.

Several Virgin 747’have taken off for the last time from Manchester before going on to retire, however this was the very last one and fans of aviation watching the aircraft could not hide the tears.

Virgin Atlantic wing wave: Airliners Live

For whatever you may think the reason is for the retirement the 747-400 known as the ‘Queen of the skies” it will hold many memories for many people.

Virgin Atlantic G-VROS went to the aviation park so fans could take pictures of the aircraft for the last time up close and personal before it left for the runway on which it took off with a packed aviation park and many recording the event on what is known as the ‘South Side’ looking on waiting for a wing wave and it did not disappoint with one of the biggest wing waves we have seen.

The aircraft was on route to London Heathrow before heading off to retire, the 747 has an incredible past and was only made because engine technology back in the day was not good enough to sustain long distance travel, the engineers decided to put 4 engines on the aircraft and the 747 was born.

It took on a new shape in just about every redesign leaving it with a long hump at the front which got bigger as more business people wanted to travel first class, although people saw the last of the Virgin 747’s today, it is not the end of the 747 entirely, as the 747-800 is still flying and doing well as more carriers buy the super jumbo.