Exclusive: UK government are brainwashing the public

Boris Johnson

We knew for a while the government have been using tactics to scare everyone rather than save them from any virus.

It is now we have found a recording from an expert in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) that explains what is going on.

This article is not giving people the idea to go against current guidance, it though is helping to understand better what is going on including the obvious confusion between politicians and the public.

Lets take this back to that Sunday evening the very first one where Boris Johnson came on the TV on his own back in Feb? it was delayed and over 25m people watched it.

You see in this broadcast he used some scary sounding words that will have made many people very scared, or even for the more sceptical a little concerned, those words still stick “This virus will take your family members before there time” incredibly irresponsible choice of words, however it worked didn’t it?

NLP is really designed to change the world in a good way, however it can also be used to get what you want! a slippery form of covert hypnosis that even the most awake person can get conned with.

Words are indeed more powerful than you think, you will know that we have a conscious and a sub conscious mind, if you can bypass the conscious mind then you have unlocked the door, you can do what you want with someone to a degree, for something to work though the message needs to be repeated many times, it is often called ‘seeding’.

What do you remember most from the government or media when we was all in full lockdown? ‘We are guided by the science’ and other things how many times was them words used?

This is more than just memory here! the government played around with your mind, when you are scared you are more likely to be more suggestible to words, confusion also causes the mind to be tricked by those who want to mislead you into thinking something.

At this time the government continue to confuse people, this is no accident, the more confused you are the easier it is to get into your mind, even the most macho will be opened up like a can of sardines.

This is unethical to say the least, this government and maybe others around the world are doing the same things, gaining control of the population using a so called ‘Deadly virus’ as a way through.

The way to protect yourself is to turn off mainstream media TV broadcasts and not to be reading some big names in print, you see these are the people who of course we would normally stick up for, however the government are using them to continue the scare narrative with misleading information and statistics, and more importantly than that to continue with the NLP, remember the more you hear something the more you will believe it!

Understand NLP more as it will help you and your family not just with this crazy government, but in life!