Suicide prevention in Trafford all at sea as more people get into difficulties

We are fully aware that suicide prevention in Trafford has been dreadful for a while now, and since this crazy pandemic came about we have seen even more suicides in the borough.

One CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse) in Trafford told us that the majority of people taking there lives are young males up to around 25-years-old and the situation is becoming worse.

This highlights the problems for those in charge of suicide prevention has in this borough, not enough is being done to help people!

The mental health services were already stretched before the pandemic they must be almost at breaking point now, maybe even worse since we are fully aware of the way poor performing psychiatrists are discharging some very unwell people many with no support network.

It is not known at this time if Moorside Mental Health hospital in Davyhulme is taking on locum staff who are completely unaware of there patients, never seen them before so do not fully understand the way they behave or anything about them yet making life changing decisions which could ultimately lead to a real sad ending.

It is now harder than ever to see your GP, often someone will need to see the GP they have always seen about a mental health problem and not someone else who knows nothing much about them, this is causing distress to those that are in need of support that should have been from the mental health services that have either booted them out or even turned them away.

To get to the stage of suicide you must be in a real bad place, rock bottom or even lower to such a degree you can not see any way out of the situation and death is the only answer, it is not! no one knows what will happen on the other side, how do you know its the answer?

If you are in a bad place right now, you must seek help from someone, even talking to a family member can help you, do not ever try to deal with whatever is causing you problems on your own this is the mistake people often make.

If you are one of the lads, all macho and stuff this means nothing, its simply a shield of fear! inside you know who you are and you can the help you need without anyone knowing you got that help, so you can still have your fake image and your boys will still think your the man!

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, and we wanted to let those people going through a bad time right now that we offer you strength to seek help right now, to know that someone will be at the end of the phone line or will reply to a text or email message.

Trafford is known to be one if not the safest place in Manchester, we want to make it suicide free with or without our failing mental health services, it only takes a call, a text or an email to get you back to your best again.

The light at the end of the tunnel is a true analogy one that only you though can get through to shine once more and going on to better things that are only just around the corner.

We also suggest to people to switch of mainstream media right now! do not watch any of the live government broadcasts as this is truly depressing to a lot of people, much of the wording is designed to scare you, look at our article about brainwashing, although even then we suggest to keep within the guidelines which really is easy to do.

Keep smiling and remember you are not on your own! contact 116 123 at any time of day or night right now! you can also click here it is confidential.