Altrincham and Sale MP Sir Graham Brady thinks the government is ruling by decree

Altrincham and Sale West Conservative MP Sir Graham Brady has spoken at length about the Coronavirus and any new emergency powers must be debated in parliament.

Credit: BBC Radio 4

On the Radio 4 Today programme the Trafford MP has said that thanks to David Davies MP’s are able to debate and vote on what to do next with every six months rather than the two-years the government originally planned.

Sir Graham spoke about this government is getting in the habit of ruling by decree in respect of the Coronavirus issue without the usual debate and votes that is normally the way in Parliament.

Any powers to act under the public health or Coronavirus act should be subject to the same regular Parliamentary scrutiny and approval as the civil contingencies act would be.

Interestingly Sir Graham said “The public are not used to being treated as children we expect in this country to have a parliamentary democracy where elected representatives on our behalf can require proper answers by government ministers and not having things opposed on them.”

Sir Graham went on to say that things are starting to move on lockdown, people are more aware of things now than they were at the beginning of this crisis.

We suggest to everyone reading this to get on to your MP as soon as you can and demand that they vote against any lockdown, it seems that Sir Graham Brady’s interview that no real lockdown is going to happen when Boris Johnson comes to address the nation sometime on Tuesday.

Draconian measures will be met with even more upset in the communities in the UK and this is all really pointing towards violence against authorities in our streets that we could do without but is inevitable.

It is though refreshing that a Tory Trafford MP has come out backing the way people are feeling right now to which we think Trafford people will be happy about.

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