Residents anger as a 20 metre 5G mast is approved by the council on Carrington Road in Flixton

A 5G mast will be planted here soon: Google

Residents and the bulb centre on Carrington Road in Flixton will now have to put up with this mega sized mast and 4 cabinets that will block the right of way.

The mast is owned by Telefonica UK (O2) and could be installed at anytime, we suggest you follow ‘Trafford Residents against 5G’ for up to the minute information on 5g masts.

We ask residents and the bulb centre and everyone else to appeal against this decision by clicking here https://www.trafford.gov.uk/planning/planning-for-householders/planning-appeals.aspx

The approval is very disappointing to us however it is a small wake up call for residents who don’t want these masts anywhere near them be it for the way it looks or for health reasons to object which includes contacting your local councillor or MP.

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