Football fans attend a game on a night Boris Johnson scared the nation

FC United playing at home: Pic FC United

During the day it was almost a relief to hear we will not be in a full lockdown and for many its business as usual with a few tweeks.

Tonight the Prime Minister came on national TV and gave his speech football fans gathered together in Manchester, the suggestion was 600 people were in the FC United ground tonight although having checked some footage we think it was a lot less than that.

Although FC United have permission to have fans at Broadhurst Park we feel this is contradicting what Boris is saying, we have also been given another video from social media where a Tory MP is saying we need to have a re-think and others withing the government do not want to see any more damage to people and business which you can see below again contradicting what Boris is saying:

With others like Nigel Farage coming out and saying another national= lockdown will be catastrophic and just about everyone else including business it really makes Boris Johnson’s arguments look as mad as he is.

Boris brought the military into the speech tonight which he did earlier on in the day, this is genuinely troubling, what it says simply is he has a plan and we could see something incredibly difficult for everyone sometime soon.

The military should not be mentioned, giving police more powers is just insane, we saw hundreds of police charging protesters in London last weekend, these people was enjoying what was going on and not causing any trouble at the time, can you imagine that being the military next time?

This article is not intended to frighten anyone, Boris has already done that, it is to inform to get the proper angle on this and to ask politely for you to research yourself what is going on rather than listening to what Boris is saying, we have many articles, and you can check other websites that have a balanced view.

Dr Vernon Coleman, Ian R Crane, UK Column News, Richie Allen, Anna Brees, and the best in the business by 1000 miles is Talk Radio which you can watch on Youtube or listen on the radio these people mentioned are with us the best people to watch and listen to for balanced work, they offer reassurance and guidance in what has become a confusing and troubling time for many people.

You must write or email your MP immediately and ask him or her to stop any lockdown in the future and make sure they hold Boris to account when threatening the public with the military, this is indeed troubling.

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