Coronavirus: No lockdown and no curfew planned for the UK

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s statement today set out what will happen to the country due to a spike in the number of people testing positive.

Much of the country expected curfews and a lockdown which sent some people around the twist and started panic buying again, we read some people down south were even buying the Christmas dinner! crazy!

As it happens Boris had no intentions of calling for another damaging national lockdown and instead told people they could continue as they are only pubs, restaurants will have to close by 10pm from this Thursday.

Boris did not say anything about any curfew however tighter restrictions on the wearing of masks unless exempt and the social distancing are to come into force which may mean queues outside shops again.

We feel that the Prime Minister missed out a lot in his speech this afternoon and this was picked up by other politicians on the opposition benches in Parliament.

Pubs are going to have to almost re-invent themselves and work around the new restrictions rather than close, it will though be difficult for restaurants though although they can still have a take away service.

It is questionable how ending pubs and restaurants at 10pm could help to bring down Coronavirus rates, it seems this was more about controlling the behaviour of the public more than any virus.

Even though it is all confusing to everyone and not by accident! we have to be a bit happy that Boris has tried to balance things a little at the surface and we are able to continue as we were with simple restrictions that are incredibly difficult to control.

Police were mentioned to enforce thing and of course the military which is troubling, with this government breaking international laws all over the place it will only be a matter of time before they get us in a situation we could never imagined.

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