Apple to reveal new iPhone’s soon

Apple who have already revealed a new watch and iPad will now be showcasing its latest iPhone’s on 13/10/20.

As of now all we have is an idea of what these new iPhone’s will be like, we know there is three in the line up and all will likely to be named iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max.

We believe the iPhone 12 pro and pro max will be 5G enabled and what we have been told is the iPhone 12 mini will be a cheaper 4G device.

The new iPhones will have much better cameras and software although many people in the mobile phone business is fully aware that Apple is about 5-years behind Samsung.

Despite Apple lagging behind the rest the have some amazing handsets the ease of use and better security with updates for years is one of many reasons why people choose an iPhone.

Despite the event going live without an audience it is always an exciting time for people wanting to see what Apple is releasing.

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