Boris and his Hancock too scared to admit lockdown has not worked

Boris Johnson and his chum Nick Hancock are now without any doubts scared to death of admitting the lockdown to help reduce the virus has not worked.

Both so panicked and with no other ideas are now even more likely to lockdown the country again out of pure panic despite 4000 doctors, scientists, even tory MP’s telling them that Lockdown is needless and would this time around kill off everything we have.

We have to balance things out and try as we will, we cannot find anything good to say about this government and the horrific path it has chosen to take.

Only legal action can wake Boris and his Hancock up and this line of action must be taken before they really do destroy everything we have.

We have always called the Tories a destructive force for no good, look what they did here in Trafford when they was in power, all but a few of our youth centres vanished, sure start centres all but gone, they did not fund a vital service for those with mental Health issues (Trafford Mental Health Advocacy Service) and of course signed a mega contract with Amey)

The Tories have more than the excuses to be pushing out, the dithering of Boris Johnson trying to find a sentence is so annoying to many people, and with all that weight on his shoulders right now, all he had to do was listen and respond in the appropriate way and so far he has done neither.

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