Aviation fans said goodbye to the last two retiring BA 747 aircraft at London Heathrow

BA 747 flying into the gloomy London sky

Aviation fans said goodbye for the last time today (08/10/20) as the last two BA 747-400 aircraft took off from a murky Heathrow Airport.

Both jumbo’s took off in poor conditions with very low clouds making visibility poor. the first of the 747’s took off at around 8.30am and shortly after the other one, no wing wave from either however one turned around to give fans a treat gliding very low over the airport.

Fans had tears in there eyes as the last time they will ever see a 747-400 in the sky with only the engines visible as it climbed into clouds.

With this virus hanging around and the government in panic mode the 747’s number was up as airlines looked to save money, people were not flying as much so it was costing the airline more to park it up, it made business sense to end the 747 and to a larger extent the a380.

Recently Virgin Atlantic retired all it’s 747’s from Manchester they all did a wing wave which was nice to see.

Aviation fans have lots to look at with new Airbus aircraft and more to come in the near future, the life of the 747 passenger jets is at an end, however the 747-800 version is a common site over the UK as freighters, East Midlands Airport is probably the best place to visit if you like the 747.

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