Coronavirus: How much more can the UK government ignore us?

Boris Johnson

To date almost 6000 scientists, 13,000 doctors and well over 150,000 members of the public have signed the ‘Great Barrington Declaration’ which you can sign here https://gbdeclaration.org/?fbclid=IwAR2_NhJuXylYxL2zjfIpPZyVhaRfn3GKE17YJcBHEUMsE_0G9aHenDKdXyo

You can add to that list many MP’s who are against any more lockdowns, even with all these people telling the UK government to change course, no one is listening.

Lockdown has killed thousands of people, many more than the virus itself so what is going on? surely even Boris himself must have thought about that, some people even claim he is not even in charge of the country.

At this time we are aware that by next week Northern parts of the UK is likely to see more restrictions without the need to be shutting all our shops down, we have read about a ‘Traffic light’ system although this has not come from the government as yet.

We have to somehow grab Boris Johnsons attention for a moment and ask him to look around for a moment and look at all the evidence from scientists and even his own people that we need a different approach.

The 42,000 deaths is tragic however how can we ever trust them statistics? we know many of these people died from other causes, when someone tests positive for coronavirus they will experience a cold or mild flu symptoms, yes it could be horrid for a couple of days.

Chris Witty has even said the same thing, even going on to say “Only the minority will end up in hospital even when they do they are put on oxygen and shortly after they are back home and under 1% die.”

For the past 6 months or so we have all been lied to by this dreadful government, people have sadly died because of the lockdown more than the virus itself and yet they want more!

You our reader has an opinion on what is going on, some believe what the government are doing is right, and we should all go along with the behavioral changes Boris and his chums so badly want, all opinions are valid however if you just for once looked up you will see you will be part of a minority.

It is understandable you will go with whatever your councillor says, that is your right however you also have to understand fully that these councillors have to do whatever the leader says or they are out, its a form of blackmail in a way! it stops councillors from doing things they want to do or want to say in everything they do.

You will get members of the public wanting to become or thinking of becoming a councillor so will end up being a bit more pally will people, this though would mean going with what the political party you have chosen to be with says.

How can you then even trust in what they are saying? we suggest to do your own research and you will find the facts about this virus and other things going on in this country that are not that obvious to the human eye.

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