Swarm of Drones all over the place and more! once 5G is fully rolled out

By Darren Marsden

When you hear or read about 5G you may think of it has just another generation of mobile telecommunications and you would be right! however its much more than that.

5G will create a different world, driverless cars, AI, Robots and drone swarms, wait a moment!….drone swarms?

Once these things are operational anything is possible, the drones we see in the video will be used in warfare however they will be the same used on mainland UK for surveillance and more!

Many will remember seeing something on YouTube about drone swarms where they all worked as one unit attacking anything the operator commanded, used in warfare and even in protests and rioting.

I thought this was someones imagination running wild, how wrong I was! this is real! a document read today talks about drone swarms working in the UK once the 5G roll out is completed which the government expects will be in 2023.

These are the things your councillors won’t tell you about, or even your MP. its simply because of a couple of reasons (1) They all have to do what the leader says, believe in what he says and do as you are told or you are out of office! (2) They have not done any real homework on 5G.

I fully understand the issues some people have thinking only of the super fast mobile internet speeds, lets face the truth even I have to gasp at how fast 5G is this though is like a weasel word from a crooked politician, distracting you from what the nasty side effects are.

I with many residents have managed to get five 5G masts refused by the council and one mast withdrawn all oddly have been Three masts, we need to do more!

Here in Trafford many areas have 5G towers more so in the north and west of Trafford, whilst we will try hard to stop all masts from going up. some will slip the net due to some people believing the crooked councillors or not objecting.

The public will be educated on 5G that I can assure you, for this is not just a mobile phone signal its a dangerous technology that will one day change your dreams, change your reality for your children’s chances in life, once operational it will be too late, we can not stop technological change that is the stuff of nightmares.

I want you to understand fully you must do your research, I will give you some tools to work with, I will give you all the updates you need over on Facebook, the time to get searching for information is now!

Come join Trafford Residents against 5G on Facebook and on Twitter.

You can also read what the government have written by clicking here: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/827507/Final_Version_-_Future_Technologies_Review.pdf

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