One Trafford under pressure as potholes open up on Sinderland Lane

Potholes will be one of those issues that will never go away for all councils however when residents report such things it is expected they will repair them.

To date we have reported several potholes on Sinderland Lane and we are aware others have also, yet theses potholes large enough to cause serious problems have still not been fixed.

Even worse with one pothole on Covershaw Lane heading towards Partington which was pointed out to the exact spot with clear instructions on how to get to the pothole and a spokesperson for One Trafford replied in an email “No action was needed as we could not find the pothole.”

Another one further up was reported several times with a serious defect has still not been fixed.

Some potholes have been fixed though to give them some credit, however as only a few have been fixed 10 more have opened up on what is already a very dangerous country lane for all users.

We have contacted One Trafford about land that could fall onto the country lane at any time, this bit of land is also causing flooding and even worse its on a tight bend, you can see by the below picture of our concerns, we are issuing our own warnings about this bit of unstable land, use caution when approaching more so when we have had a large amount of rain.

Unstable farm land: pic Darren Marsden

We have asked One Trafford for a response and they have so far not replied.

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