HS2 to build an impressive extra long viaduct between Warburton and Partington

Viaduct in pink: image credit HS2

As HS2 comes nearer to Manchester new plans have been drawn up that will see an impressive extra long viaduct over Warburton.

This will be a very nice image for all photographers as the viaduct will start from Cadishead in Salford over the canal and into Warburton.

Looking at the new map the rail line will not affect people so much however the green belt will be affected, if it was just a train line the damage would be minimal, sadly it is more than just a train line, so big is this HS2 project that land may be required that if used will mean the back of Partington will be used up to Coroners Wood.

Much of Warburton green belt could be ripped up making the west side of Warburton Lane look a very different place.

Before all of that gets going Warburton and Partington residents await the outcome of the Warburton Lane housing development appeal that starts this Monday, it could take a week! if the decision goes in favour of Redrow then the green belt on the eastern side of Warburton Lane will be gone forever.

The devastating impacts more so for Partington residents are not even thought about and probably won’t be at the appeal, the harm this and HS2 will do for Partington is beyond your worst nightmare.

A consultation is currently in operation for the HS2 roiute, this is meaningless since it will be built no matter what anyone says, however if you wish to have your say then please click here https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/hs2-phase-2b-western-leg-design-refinement-consultation

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