Sleepy Scarecrows on tour to highlight Trafford Council’s inaction on the climate crisis

Today 17th October, protesters from Extinction Rebellion Trafford will take a group of sleeping scarecrows on a tour of Trafford to highlight Trafford Council’s inaction on the climate crisis.

The scarecrows, clad in pyjamas, dressing gowns and sleep masks, will visit Old Trafford, Stretford, Sale and Altrincham with the message that the Council is sleepwalking through the climate crisis and must wake up to its urgency and act without delay. 

This action is in response to the recent publication of the Trafford Climate Emergency Progress Report which revealed that at the current rate of emissions in Trafford will have used up its entire carbon budget in the next seven years (1). The report also states that Trafford will have to reduce emissions by a huge 13.4% per year to stay within its carbon budget. In the meeting of the Executive in which the report was approved, it was described by councillors as “very positive” and “a good news story”. 

Extinction Rebellion member Hannah Stanton said, “If this had been a financial report revealing that the 2021 budget would be used up within the next seven years, there would be uproar. The Council have acknowledged the extremely severe impacts of exceeding 1.5C warming, therefore they must take the carbon budget as seriously as the financial budget. The stark figures revealed in the report should have acted as a wake up call to the Council. Two years after declaring a Climate Emergency, they are only at what the Executive Member for Climate Change called a ‘starting point’ for climate action. The Council has still not produced an action plan with specific actions to reduce emissions alongside deadlines so that residents can hold them to account. The future of all our children is at stake: we need the Council to act now.”

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