Are YouTube reviewers to be trusted?

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

We have been getting many messages lately about YouTube reviewers and if they should trust in what they say?

A reviewer of say a mobile phone will get many handsets from a company and if he or she wants to continue getting new devices which they get to keep they have to say nice things about it.

Often you will notice them talking more on the pro’s than the con’s and this is what you have to look out for, if its one sided this is not giving you the full review, even though the handset might blink at you with specifications that make your tongue drop on the floor.

You can get conned though! remember these people have a noose around their heads as if they say anything the firm does not like then they could be chopped of the list, also remember these reviewers need to have the latest handsets all of time for content, the more content the more the views, the more the views the more the money rolls in with the added bonus of a new review handset and often some perks.

So for us a reviewer should not be fully trusted, get his or her opinion which will be mostly accurate, and then do your research into how bad things could get, if its a mobile phone look at the RAM, not always the processor, the more RAM the smoother things are.

Look at the battery, is it 4000 MAH or 5000 MAH, what if its only 3000 MAH, well that then goes on how efficient the processor is and of course the OS, the higher the MAH capacity the longer you will have.

Check the camera out, do not always look for pixels on a mobile phone, it is the sensor and how much light can get through it that counts, do not get caught up with how many cameras it has either often even a handset with 4 cameras takes drab lifeless pictures.

Of course though to really experience a mobile phone proper you are going to have to decide on one after doing your research and watching YouTube, it could go wrong or it could be the best mobile phone you have ever had.

Our pick of the best reviewers are Techspurt and Flossy Carter these guys know everything about mobile phones and are accurate.

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