Public inquiry: Warburton Lane housing development latest

Where Redrow wants to build 400 houses: Google

The public enquiry into 400 new homes and apartments to be built in Warburton is well underway and will take a while to conclude.

Everything is being spoken about at the inquiry and members of the public have had some say in this process which is good, many are saying exactly what we have been saying all of this time.

The loss of the green belt, the congestion this huge development will cause is a serious issue, with every housing development that is currently being built in Partington not one house builder ever thought about existing residents, and the same will apply to Redrow.

Warburton’s history will be talked about, many things have been found in Warburton and many things still will be found at some point in the future, it is a very nice place with some 1000 residents, the parish council do a fantastic job for them and are at the enquiry.

We are not sure if Partington Parish Councillors are present, they should be! although this housing development is in Warburton it will (if it is approved) Partington that gets the full force of it, thousands of cars, vans will be on them roads.

Where are all them people going to shop? actually where are all them people going to shop from the housing developments currently being built? can the local councillors really look in the mirror and say”Everything is going to be alright”?

We will continue to provide updates of what is going on, as of now its very early in the inquiry.

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