Coronavirus cases in Trafford looks to be slowing down as the statistics show the smallest increase in the whole of Greater Manchester.

Whilst its proven that having a positive test does not mean you will go on to have any dramatic symptoms more so if you are a healthy adult under 80 it could be that you are passing the virus on to others, like a cold if you get it others will also it is this that the government believe you will pass it on to elderly people and if so they could die.

Here then are the latest statistics for each area up to 19/10/20

  • Old Trafford 62
  • Trafford Park East and Sevenways 47
  • Hale Barns 41
  • Firswood (Stretford) 36
  • Hale 33
  • Altrincham West, Dunham and Warburton 32
  • Urmston East 31
  • Urmston West 31
  • Partington 29
  • Sale Central 28
  • Timperley East 27
  • Gorse Hill 26
  • Sale North 26
  • West Timperley 26
  • Sale East (Brooklands) 24
  • AOM 22
  • Flixton and Moorside 22
  • Altrincham East 20
  • Timperley South 20
  • Davyhulme 20
  • Stretford East 19
  • Lostock and Stretford Meadows 17
  • Trafford Park West and Kingsway Park 17
  • AOM North 16
  • Broadheath 16

Tomorrow Greater Manchester is in tier 3 which means very high and restrictions are a different, with the government giving us £60m and other money most business we think will just about hang on.

It won’t affect everyone and all the shops will be open, for most people it won’t feel any different, although we say this because half the restrictions are not going to be enforced.

These restrictions also means more cars of the roads as people are asked to work from home, this will mean the air improves and cyclists can actually go for a bike ride without having to go to a place of worship praying they will come back home safely.

No one has to queue up outside shops! unless asked to this was guidance from the start, with more people wearing masks a store or a shop is a much safer environment.

Remember the best way to give yourself a layer of protection from this virus and all other bugs is to wash your hands, its not difficult to do and we would have expected everyone to have being doing this well before the Pandemic was announced.