NASA to give the world a major announcement about the moon

The Moon: Pic Darren Marsden


NASA has announced on its website a major announcement about the moon! this will be on 26/10/2020 at 5pm UK time.

The announcement has got lots of people around the world speculating what they are going to say about the moon, whilst keeping the news to themselves we know they have been exploring the possibilities of using it as a base for humans to visit the planet Mars in the near future.

It has been said man walked on the moon, many do not believe it since the videos seen shows Neil Armstrong walking about with no support, logic tells us anyone or anything not tied down would have flown away into deep space.

This announcement though has got the world excited and we will have the announcement live on our Facebook page.

You can also view the NASA announcement here https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-to-announce-new-science-results-about-moon

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