Manchester firms make sure our kids do not go hungry

Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com

Thanks to Manchester United star Marcus Rashford MBE the country is now talking about making sure kids do not go hungry either at school or on holiday.

Leading firms have donated to make sure no one goes hungry, this is a heart-warming response including a massive £70k grant from Trafford Housing Trust which will help those in need for months to come.

This though has been going on for a long time, families struggling often trying hard to get a job or in most cases having a job and still having to get a voucher for food from a foodbank.

We are told of the situation in Partington where many kids only meal of the day is at school, no fault of parents or parent, of course with the needless lockdown (now proven needless!) it meant those kids possibly going without a meal as schools were shut for months.

This would have happened elsewhere in Trafford, in Partington though they have a charity called ‘The Hideaway’ who do lots to support the community, they will have helped families as much as they can throughout the summer.

With the government sending a two fingered salute to all the kids all over the UK by voting not to help them and to be destroying people’s lives at the same time for a virus that is no more deadly than the seasonal flu to those under 80-years-old is just crazy.

Our children cannot be blamed for any of this, the government will always pick on the vulnerable, an easy target! you may think Labour would have been better? think again, had they been in charge the entire economy would have collapsed.

Gladly Manchester, like Andy Burnham has said is ‘strong’ and we are stronger than Boris thinks! we will get through this! we are! and with Marcus Rashford and everyone else they all came together in the hour of need and shown the care nowhere else had, we are truly a great city.

Let’s keep looking after each other, the Tories have done much damage however they cannot do anything to our spirit, our strength.

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