Coronavirus Crisis: NHS staff to get vaccine within weeks

According to the Mail on Sunday NHS staff are to be given a vaccine within weeks and a huge roll out plan is currently underway for the rest of us.

The plan would involve the military who would help distribute millions of doses of the vaccine to different parts of the country.

It is seen as ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ however do not get too excited! the government will continue with restrictions until the population is vaccinated and could even go further.

We also have to wonder if the government are putting all our NHS workers on the line with this like they are testing a vaccine on them! a vaccine that has been rushed through that in normal circumstances takes 5-years to develop, can you imagine all our NHS staff end up paralysed or worse? it will be a fingers crossed moment for a government who have killed thousands of people because of Coronavius and not from it.

They continue to ignore doctors and scientists that locking down a country is not a good thing, even the ONS has said over 26,000 people died because of the lockdown.

Lets though be feeling happier in the knowledge that this nightmare is slowly coming to an end, light is shining brighter at the other end and for now stick to what has been asked of us which in reality is not so difficult.