NASA finds water on the moon

NASA has found water on the sunlit part of the moon, the announcement today 26 October 2020 got many people excited.

Finding water on the moon gives people another question and that is “How does it stay on the moon” and “How is it being made”

Since they have found it now we can presume that the moon must have more gravity than first thought which may explain why the first man on the moon with no safety harness or even some rope did not drift off into deep space.

The mystery though of how water got on the moon is sure to bring many opinions and expert coverage, no one though will have an answer until NASA sends up a few moon walkers to investigate which is planned for 2024.

Because water has been found it could be used to send humans looking for life on other planets like Mars, Water can be used as air to breathe so having it on the moon will mean astronauts will not have to bring it from Earth making it easier and cheaper.

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