Volunteers clean up the streets of Old Trafford

Volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God have been cleaning up the streets of Old Trafford of discarded litter and rubbish.

On 25 October 2020, around 30 volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God -Young Adult Workers Volunteer Group (ASEZ WAO) carried out a clean-up campaign. They went along Chester Road to Lucy Street, via City Road, including St George’s Park.

The group, mainly consisting of young adult workers, pulled up their sleeves and collected cans, bottles, bags, projector screens, discarded baby cars and umbrellas that had been dumped, behind and inside bushes and along the road. By giving up their Sunday morning and getting dirty for others they managed to reclaim the area for the community and residents, making the area look more like our home again.

In total, about 50 bags worth of rubbish and other items, estimated to be around 550kg, was collected. The rubbish was bagged and left at a designated spot for the council to collect during the week.

Fly tipping is now being taken more seriously by the council who have warned that if they catch anyone fly tipping or have recently fly tipped they will investigate and those caught will be prosecuted.

One of the volunteer’s Jack Joliffe commented:

“It starts small, when you see litter everywhere, then you are more likely to throw more. But if everywhere is clean you will look for a bin. In the same way if our area looks like it is not looked after, then people are not going to look after it. But if they see it is cared for, then they will make more effort to keep it clean. I think it works the same for the world.”

While the council maintains their efforts to make Trafford a better place, the volunteers will continue to carry out clean up campaigns as well as other activities to support the community, hoping to make Trafford a better place for all of us and that we can all make it through these difficult times we are facing. We are all one community, one city, one nation, one family, together we can definitely combat fly tipping and other issues and make Trafford and beyond a better place o live in.”

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