North West Ambulance Service declares a Major Incident

A tweet from the North West Ambulance Service declares a major incident tonight due to the amount of calls it has received this evening.

If you are in need of assistance the ambulance service have asked you to be patient due to the spike in calls.

The spike in calls was not Covid-19 related and a spokesperson for the ambulance service does not know why so many people are calling them

North West Ambulance spokesperson said; “Due to the high volume of calls into our service, the trust has declared a major incident.

“This is being managed in accordance with our usual protocols and we are urging the public to only call us if their condition is life threatening or potentially life threatening.

“Traditionally, Monday’s are often a very busy day for us and we are unsure as to why we are seeing a surge today.

“There is currently nothing to indicate this increase in calls is in relation to Covid=19, we are putting in place additional support throughout the North West and will be closely monitoring the situation throughout the evening.

“There are patients who are facing delays and we are very sorry that we are unable to respond as quickly as we would like, Please help us by not calling us to check where the ambulance is as we need those lines to be free for those in a life-threatening condition, however, if you feel you no longer need an ambulance, please let us know.

“Due to the actions we have implemented, such as signposting patients to other services such as NHS 111, online and utilising additional resources, since we declared a major incident we are starting to see a reduction in calls and would like to thank the public for their support.

“For medical advice, you can visit 111 online.”