Workwear Supplies store comes to Partington

Workwear supply shop could operate from here soon: google

A workwear supplies store could operate from Manchester Road in Partington if plans to refurbish a vacant building are approved by Trafford Council.

in previous times a guitar shop operated from the building, it has been empty though for many years.

In the plans the building will be refurbished and once done will look very different to the building standing today with a new roof, lowered windows and generally looking more like a store rather than a 18th century morgue, a new car park will also be built at the back of the property.

The store will be ultra modern and will hopefully employ people from Partington, whilst we think this will be approved and do well, it is questionable how other than employment a workwear supply store could benefit Partington residents when generally they are going to need food stores in the next year.