We can stop this lockdown!

Boris Johnson

We are now all aware of what is going to happen on Thursday yet another useless lockdown that will only achieve more hardship rather than protect a virus that has not gone out of control.

Collectively the public can try and get this stopped on Wednesday as unlike the last longer than needed lockdown this time MPs have to vote on it.

Many Tory MPs are againbst the lockdown including Altrincham and Sale West MP Sir Graham Brady, many others are also voting against it, sadly the Labour Party are all for a lockdown and we need them all to change minds.

Contact your MP now!

Mike kane:  mike.kane.mp@parliament.uk

Kate Green:  kate.green.mp@parliament.uk

In the subject line put in ‘Lockdown vote’ and then a short message telling he or she to vote against the lockdown and to read the latest statistics not out of date ones, to be wary of misleading statistics by people who have a bad track record like Witty and Valance.

Labour are purely going of data that is not accurate, as the saying goes “Presumption is the mother of all F**k up’s” this is what Labour are doing, it also does not help them gain back any new voters, Starmer needs to get a grip and open his eyes and ears rather going down a one track destined for doom.

We can all stop this and now is the time to get a stop to the lockdown, for those that want us locked down we also waould like them to look at the real up to date statistics and learn about how many people have died of other things, how many suicides it has caused.

Other publications have to stick to the misleading government narrative, we have our eyes open wide and can see what is going on, Boris needs to lead the country so far he is letting Witty and Valance run the show.

Remember also Valance has a big money interest with a big pharmaceutical firm who is one of many making a vaccine, once a vaccine is rolled out Vallance will make millions so it makes perfect sense for him to keep everyone scared and give Boris false information which sadly he has bought.

Lastly we are not saying the virus is a hoax or is no longer around, it is still here and the majority of people who have died with it are over 60, people younger catch it but recover, we now have drugs to keep people alive which for some reason does not make it on other news platforms.0