Trafford have been contacted about a 5G mast that has gone up on Chapel Lane on Partington.

Whilst we are full aware of the dangerous high frequencies from the mast, our worries and residents concerns was about the amount of cabinets that have been planted into the ground is more than what the application says.

More than that! these cabinets that is giving off a type of static to people whilst going past are unlike any we have seen before, and are so small some people may mistake them as a seating area!

Children have already been witnessed playing around the 4G cabinets, all of these kids will have been exposed to a higher amount of radiation, if they sit on them smaller 5G cabinets they will have been given a higher dose of radiation that will great harm to them over the medium to long term.

We investigated further about a thing called ‘Radiation sickness’ and you can get this from a mobile phone cabinet and mast despite claims that they are low power, the more you are exposed and the nearer you are to a 5G mast the more you get.

In recent times we have issued a warning about keeping your kids away from this mast, and in the meantime we will try hard to get this mast dug up and never to be seen again and hope if anymore masts are planned Partington residents will object.

We also hope now that the network has told lies in the application and have not made safe the area they have gone against planning rules and the council sees this as a dangerous situation and demands the mast is removed.

Contact has since been made and we are awaiting responses from both Trafford Council and Partington Parish Council.