Altimeter: Wiki

The RTCA (Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics) have produced documents suggesting that 5G could cause an aircraft to crash.

Every aircraft flying has a ‘Altimeter’ which uses low level radar to detect where it is and sends this information to the pilot who then can navigate safely, the frequencies of 5G could interfere with this vital part of an aircraft.

5G frequency here in the UK will be 3.8GHz at the start and is thought a 20 metre mast with the signal going much higher up the radar part will send the wrong information to the pilot.

This is more than just a mobile phone mast and a signal, it is more than just super fast internet speeds and health issues that will come from it, the internet of things, driverless cars, robots, AI, automated drones, now we find out it could cause aircraft to crash.

You can read the entire document by clicking here