Trafford councillors approved for a second time the Heath Farm Lane housing development in Partington.

We were also surprised to see this application back as it had already been approved by planning earlier last year, apparently it was brought back because of a technicality.

10 councillors including Partington coiuncillor and vice chair of the planning committee Aidan Williams voted approving the housing development for a second time and only 2 objected.

Alarmingly all councillors apart from Williams spoke about the problems that will happen due to this huge housing development which includes, the lack of shops, poor medical facilities, not enough roads, and even more importantly the lack of spaces at schools.

It has even been said that kids should try to get school places as far away as Warrington!

Cllr Thomas who claims he knows people in Partington even addressed the issues facing Partington residents yet approved the application, how can all these councillors sleep at night having talked of the looming disaster for existing residents and for new people and then go on to approve it.

If you think this new bypass road is going to be built or any of the others that have been mentioned..just hold on to that ticket as no one could be sure even with a lot of money found as it might not happen.

None of these councillors spoke about all the other housing developments that are currently being built which without question has a lot to do with this and the extra problems facing Partington.

We are disgusted with the 10 councillors who did not have the balls to refuse this application again without first getting the developer to make sure new kids can have an education in the locality that new shops and medical infrastructure will be built,.

One councillor got it right when he said “This place is not going to be sustainable” he is right.

For this time nothing can be done now, this 600 house monster at Heath Farm Lane is at an advanced stage and will be as early as next year when they start letting out some new houses on the site.

One message we got about a helicopter service just to get in and out of the place suddenly sounds like fact than fiction.