Residents near Trafford College are very angry at an application that will see 40 new homes built on land at the back of the Timperley campus.

Ward councillors have objected to the housing development which also includes Sport England.

The biggest issues for residents is with the increased traffic levels and ripping up the astro turf pitch which looks to be in good enough condition for the community and students to use.

A overflow car park which from the statistics conducted by a private firm for the college shows that it was used a fair bit or enough to prove it is an important part of this brilliant college.

Trafford college has to keep everyone happy with this application and it has not worked out, no one wants this housing development to happen more so those on the estate at the back of the college who will be directly affected.

We stand together and with everyone else objecting to this application a foirce Trafford planning has to take seriously, with more objections from political people coming in, this application must be refused.

And when it has been refused to get the college to offer back the football pitch to the community which would please just about everyone, the best outcome can be found for all those affected.