Covid-19 vaccines given to people in the UK will not be mandatory

Boris Johnson

According to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson any Covid-19 vaccine given to any member of the public will not be mandatory.

This information will have eased any worries people had however the PM was not so clear when pressed about health passports.

A vaccine made by Oxford University and AstraZeneca will be the first vaccine to be given out on mass, thousands of people will be given the vaccine as soon as its been thumbed up, which we believe will happen before the end of the year.

As of now the UK will remain in lockdown until 2 December and then it will go on the dodgy data to see what tier a place will be in, at this time the number of people all over Manchester is falling so with some luck we will be placed in the second tier which would be less of a problem.

We do have some other good news if you are in tier 1 and that is 4000 sports fans can attend games and 2000 in tier 2, so this would be a great start for Premier League clubs who already had in place first class ultra secure arrangements.

With Christmas coming and everything back open again we hope and ask you to shop local if you can rather than online, every high street shop will look after you and offer good customer service.

in tier 1 you will have better freedoms, we cannot see Manchester being in this group at the moment although if they don’t fix the statistics again we could drop to tier 1.

All tiers are much like they were before the national lockdown apart from fans being able to go to watch the football or rugby and you can also go to gigs and other venues although limited to 1000 people.