New plans in Carrington could be a bridge too far for Partington residents

A document you can see below shows Carrington parish Council and Friends of Carrington Moss have linked up a plan to keep things moving on Manchester Road in Carrington.

The proposed plans can be found here file:///media/fuse/drivefs-6eaf2f66733a8e53319728580fb0eeb9/root/201122-transport-strategy-carrington.pdf

We think the plans make no sense, it does not help Partington who will be most affected by all the housing developments going up, it could get worse as Warburton Lane housing development might still get the nod soon.

Where we do agree with the Carrington Parish Council and FOCM is with protecting green spaces and the moss, these places must be protected at alll costs.

One plan they have is to use the A1 road for HGV’s, and do not want them anywhere in the new village currently being created, this would create problems for other motorists if the road ever gets the green light.

Other roads could be created, we like the idea of a new road that goes down the side of Sinderland Lane however if this ever gets to an advanced stage it would probably mean the country lane that goes to Partington will be widened. this is pipe dreams though unless someone comes up with a lot of money.

The bridge is a good idea to help ease the congestion around Warburton however a crazy one if they want to ease the huge 2-hour daily traffic jams on both Warburton Lane and Manchester Road.

We read that they want more public transport, yea! what a great idea, sadly TFGM won’t be laying on new bus routes anytime soon, actually we think they will abandon Partington since buses will be delayed so badly Stagecoach and Arriva will not make any money and drivers will get fed up and that is if passengers have the patience to sit in a 2-hour traffic jam every day.

The idea that people not from New Carrington is a joke, how can they even say that! how can they know where someone comes from? maybe they have a special APNR ice cream van or something similar.

Narrowing Manchester Road as can be seen in one diagram is insane, that would be contradicting what they are trying to do, actually if you read the document its all like that.

We do agree about the new cycle routes however this will not stop the congestion, we agree pollution will be much higher, we ask then if we are to reduce pollution where do we put all the cars?

All this though should have not even happened had the house builders done some homework on what existing residents wanted and looked at all infrastructure to make sure everyone was happy, no one did anything!

Similarly the last line of defence ‘Trafford planning’ made things worse for approving everything other than the Warburton Lane housing development which could still be approved after it went to an appeal.

Both the Parish Council and FOCM group are right with the saving of the green belt and the moss needs to be saved at all costs, the council though is in charge with developers and from what we can gather they may abandon plans even to make the A1 road a proper road and go with the cheaper idea of simply making Flixton Road junction a little wider.

Partington residents will be directly affected, at no time has anyone thought about existing residents who have had to face years of isolation and decades of poor political representation and nothing has changed which is an absolute disgrace.