A fleet of 60 drones each with wings the size of a 747 jumbo jet could be flying all over the UK beaming down 5G.

Testing has already been done in Germany where the unmanned drone beamed down 4G and was successful.

If approved for use in the UK it would mean all 5G mobile phone masts will not be needed although 2G and 3G masts will still be around.

The high-Altitude Platform (HAP) drone will use a very strong beam to cover an area of around 140km in diameter, what is currently unknown is how powerful the beams are.

We know that Ofcom gives the spectrum which 5G mostly works on the 700MHz frequency here in the UK and eventually the power will be increased to around 38GHz when networks roll out millimetre wave technology.

With these unmanned drones it would be different and so we could easily see beams hitting us at around 60GHz since it would not need spectrum in the same way, it is a standalone beam.

Networks will buy into this as its much cheaper to run, and would mean the public could not object to it.