Many innocent animals have been harmed or killed making Covid vaccines

Rhesus macaque: Wikipedia

To make many of the drugs that are made ‘science’ needs innocent animals to test on, yet these tests are often useless which means many of the animals are either harmed or killed for nothing.

The vaccine for Covid-19 was rushed through, and many animals around the world were used including monkeys,Rabbits and hamsters even sheep and cats,

Mice was used a fair bit as many people would expect, however it was the use of the Rhesus macaque that we got very concerned about, in many areas of the world, this monkey is incredibly gifted, it has cognitive abilities  according to Wikipedia they “make same-different judgements, understand simple rules, and monitor their own mental states.They have even been shown to demonstrate self agency an important type of self-awareness.

“In 2014, onlookers at a train station in Kanpur, India, documented a rhesus monkey, knocked unconscious by overhead power lines, that was revived by another rhesus that systematically administered a series of resuscitative actions.”

Here is what scientist developing a vaccine using the monkey was doing it gives you some idea what they did to the monkeys.

These animals would have known that it might be the end, many including other animals are put in a lab fully awake, possibly tape the eyes and experiments are done on them, injecting things into them, waiting for them to react to whatever was put in them, lights shining in their eyes blinding them, confused and tired the animals either survive harmed or end up dead.

Many of these scientists find a way of even getting animals like cats and dogs from our streets! yes! it’s not just your every day robber that takes your animal.

Vivisection is the most cruel thing to happen to a once loved pet, we are not sure how they are treated whilst in transit, we know though once in a lab its a different world, having your eyes taped, injections in any part of your body, not knowing where you are or what you have done to deserve this treatment, with only memories of your loved ones keeping you feeling a little bit better.

A dog or a cat have feelings, they understand a lot more so a dog, whilst in the lab they could end up dead just to keep humanity from getting a virus or other things.

Whilst we need these drugs a more humane way should be a priority, no harm should come to any animal, the robbing of loved pets its the most evil act of all.

You can see for yourself what animals were used and where by clicking here