5G mast could go up on Carrington Lane in Sale soon

Greenbank RD/Carrington RD junction: google

Three-UK mast installers have submitted an application to Trafford Council to install a 18 metre 5G mast at the junction of Greenbank Road and Carrington Lane in Sale.

We expect all residents in this area to strongly object to this huge mast which you can do by emailing development.management@trafford.gov.uk. with 102639/TEL/20 in the subject line.

5G has no place in Trafford for a variety of reasons from health issues to simply where networks want to install these ugly and very tall radioactive monopoles.

We have to say with much respect to whoever plans where masts are to be installed needs to check his or her eyesight since they will all be objected by residents, we suggest to Three to install masts away from residential areas, well away from the public and wildlife.

Why do we need 5G for? we don’t! the thought of super fast internet speeds on your iPhone or Samsung may get you a tad excited, however let us tell you the reality, now! with advanced 4G we get a reliable super fast experience in most areas believe us this is more than enough for everyone.

Your handset needs to be more than 4GB RAM for it to not stutter and a 60+ Hz refresh rate this has nothing to do with 5G, we have read many times people saying 5G will make my phone faster! 5G only makes your internet speeds go slightly faster, so slightly you would not know the difference.

5G is a waist of time, however we do know why the government wants it rolled out, driverless cars, Artificial Intelligence, do we really need this? when 5G is fully rolled out and we have the higher frequencies from millimetre wave boxes and antennas then things get creepy.

This is when people and animals really start to feel the warmth of the many beams, this is not just for super fast internet speeds and so the more masts we get refused the less chance the government has of ruining our lives.

Of course Trafford Council will make lots of money from millimetre wave box rentals you will see on just about every lamppost, they though have a duty of care and must not put profit before the people.