Semi hidden existing 22.5m mast: Google

A mega sized 30 metre 5G/4G shared mast could be built soon if the proposal from the applicant is approved by Trafford planning on Banky Road in Sale.

It is to replace an existing 22.5m 4G mast semi-hidden away next to the sewage plant, the current mast holds Three-UK and EE antennas, the new mast will also hold Cornerstone (O2/Vodafone) 5G masts.

Cornerstone will be fitting 12 antennas on to this new swann monopole.

At 30m high it will be seen from Carrington Spur, although it is not in a residential area the mast will be seen by many people and all will be exposed to the frequencies.

This will link in with another proposed 5G mast further down Carrington Lane.

The radiation coming from this huge mast will be off the scale, we have witnesses a worker taking regular checks of the 5G masts in Altrincham which is way too close to the hospital, 4G did not need this!

We all should object to this 30m mast which you can do easily by emailing planning, use 102752/FUL/20 as subject heading and your objections, even if you think its ugly or too big this will be valid and a helpful objection, email