Police attended an address on Woodfield Road in Altrincham after they got reports of a domestic incident, on arrival to the address they guessed a female was under the influence of drugs due to the way she was acting,

Whilst the officer was trying to resolve the issues the female ran towards the officer in a bid to escape, however she was restrained, whilst in progress she clamped down on the officers forearm causing some bruising and a superficial scratch which can easily be seen.

A 19-year-old was then arrested for assault on an emergency worker which could mean she gets 6 months inside or a fine.

Attacking a member of the emergency services is the last thing you want to do, they are here to help people, the first people even that 19-year-old woman would call if she was in danger, they are all incredibly important to us, in this case the officer fortunately was not hurt so bad, in her job though it could have been much worse! this is the dangers an officer faces every day.