Brexit: relief for many as the UK finally agrees a deal with the EU

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After several years many arguments and votes we now have a deal that means the worries over what will happen had we not got a deal have vanished.

The confirmation that a deal had finally been agreed was given by a scruffy but seemingly delighted Boris Johnson even though he was late (again) for his press conference.

In the deal we get to have our own laws, no taxes on goods, no limits on how many goods we can have or send, and other things, you can see the entire agreement here

Although the delayed agreement has been made it will still need to be voted on which we believe will happen on Dec 30, Labour have said tonight they will be voting for it, Lib Dems could reject the new agreement, it seems Sotland will also reject the deal.

With Labour voting for the new deal it will get the green light through parliament and then made law.

For the many people of the UK this deal will be a relief and now can settle down some of them thinking fresh food and some medications will be delayed, with this deal more of what we have will be on the shelves, panic buying will now be a thing of the past even if we have to lockdown again.

We shall have to look deeper into the details of this deal, however on the face of it, we are happy with it and just a relief to get a deal so no one, no company can have any worries going into 2021 and that can only be a good thing after what has been a dreadful 2020.