Stretford Mall: pic Google

Stretford was one of several areas around the country to receive funding to regenerate town centres from the UK government.

The application that was submitted by Trafford Council was successful and gave Stretford a mega sized bit of funding to the tune of £17.6m.

At this time we have no further information about what the council will do with the money, we believe though a consultation period will begin on what residents want for Stretford.

Stretford Mall should be demolished and then build a Urmston style shopping Centre around the new Aldi, take own every 5G mast because no one wants the technology from all the objections seen, more cycling infrastructure in Trafford not just Stretford! is needed, the complete waist of thousands of pounds on traffic cones could have been spent better.

£17.6 million pound should help the great people who look after the animals in Longford Park, give them enough for what they need and opportunities to make a money during the year through projects.

Whilst we are going away a little from the town centre area, just a little bit over surely must go to the areas we feel need funding.

We give the thumbs up to those who helped get this huge amount of funding, well done to them, we hope it will be spent on things that really matters to residents not the pen pushers in the council who likely do not live in this great borough.

Here is the full press release from the government on the announcement of the funding

Trafford Council Leader Andrew Western said: “This is absolutely amazing news for Stretford and a great end to a terrible yea.

“We have already made massive improvements to Stretford and this will enable us to totally transform the area for residents and business alike.

Trafford Council has made it a major priority to revitalize all our town centres and Stretford is no exception.

“We have incredible plans for the area.”