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This year has been one crazy year, still the same the majority are still here and sadly some of us or not, we saw huge protests, an attack on free speech like we have never seen and even the police who are supposed to be protecting were assaulting us and getting away with it.

We saw official government statistics scare many people all summer long, queus outside shops that often was really useless since no one we saw was using the 2m gap in any queue seen and even more frustrating was the queues outside shops were guidance only! no one had to do this.

Everyone still scared saw playgrounds locked, even though some like Walton Park had a tiny notice to tell people not tohave the kids playing on the swings, this was not enough and kids were seen playing as normal.

with all what was going on some people missed the months of sunshine we had, in any other year United Utilities would be telling us to reduce our water!

The traffic for them months was almost nothing meaning cyclists had a great time, no stinky cars, no dangers, it was the perfect time to be a cyclist!

All the debate, the arguments online, all the nonsense from our once trusted newspapers and TV news channels preaching the governments dreadfully wrong statistics, our press though came good in the end offering a completely different direction after investigating the statistics.

Health Secretary Nick Hancock agreed to check the death statistics and found all summer long the stats he and others were scaring people with were wrong, the problem with the testing was for every positive case it would count as 2 one for the nose swab and one from the saliva swab, this increased the total of people testing positive with Coronavirus.

It was also found that many people had died of another condition and was then added to the Covid death list, the figure was also reduced although it was way more than 5000.

We saw a special pop up morgue set up in Trafford Park, it was no wonder why journalists and anyone else was not allowed anywhere near it, it was not because of respect for the dead since it was never used, another trick to frighten people but why?

Leaders of councils had to go with what the government told them to do, some were also very concerned and this sadly helped spook the councillors who all had to do what was needed to protect the public who were at risk.

Later down the line the government decided to set us free, the relief you could feel, people began to fill up parks, and shops were then allowed to open and we were back in the swing of things, even the kids were allowed back to school.

The government were under pressure sibnce people no longer trusted them with dodgy stats, people and now scientists and others coming out claiming the PCR test was flawed, the figures from Neil Ferguson were all wrong right throughout the year and more.

Witty and Valance show continued to offer more dodgy statistics to scare the people, of course they were often wrong and now because of this will be luck to be hired at a bowling alley!

Football was back! sadly with no fans who if we are honest cannot accept football without the fans, these huge clubs in the Premier League have the most sophisticated stadium plans they could offer near full stadiums fully covid compliant, Boris could not make any decision by himself and listened to the maniacs behind him.

Do not though think we thought Covid was fake, what we are saying the statistics were wrong and even to this date and possibly beyond will be wrong, Covid was much like influenza we had this confirmed, it though was a little bit different in that you could catch this easier than normal, and who has ever heard of all these people catching influenza in the summer months?

Had the stats been right, had the mainstream media including those in Manchester followed the right statistics, investigated everything by flagging things that did not seem right and in the live press briefings asked Boris and others the right questions that mattered, we feel the summer of 2020 would have been much different.

We now have a vaccine, and another one available in the first week of January 2021, if the government got the army involved, recruited half of the courier service and delivered the vaccine, without question all our elderly will be vaccinated by the end of February or early March at the latest, the government by then could not hold us under restrictions anymore even if they wanted to, to hold us because they enjoyed the sufferiung, enjoyed the limelight and destroyed so many lives and helped kill thousands needlessly because people needed the treatment or were scared to come to hospital.

In a public enquiry that must be held is a chance for people to have there say., for families of those that died to get some answers and god willing justice on the worst government in living memory.