PM Boris Johnson

UK PM Boris Johnson came on the BBC to tell the people that from just after midnight on 5 January 2021 England will be in a lockdown that is similar to the first one last year.

It is much different this time around, takeaways are allowed to operate, everyone knows all the essential shops are open and youy can still shop at a none essential store with click and collect.

Looking at the new rules nothing much has changed from tier 4, for most nothing has changed and the difference is this time is we have vaccines and once the vulnerable group are vaccinated not even Boris Johnson could make excuses to continue the restrictions from /mid Feb to March.

Labour leader wanted to have a full lockdown even though the World Health Organisation had already warned countries about locking down society and they do not agree with it.

Lockdowns causes depression, anxiety, not being able to see people, not being able to do things as normal is a disruption that can seriously harm someone, the politicians know this yet continue to ignore the reality, ignore the true statistics with a preference to always look at mainstream media for information.

We can do the blame game, we could point our fingers however we can say we will be offering our views at a public enquiry that will give justice to the thousands of people who died because of the government scare tactics and those in mainstream media who made sure people were continued to be scared.

For this time we offer you positive energy to get through this small so called lockdown, keep to what is normal as possible, do not get trapped into negativity, and most importantly keep your head up and smile.

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